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sunset in Dubai

Sunset Dubai

As soon as it gets dark, Dubai turns into a magical city with brilliantly lit skyscrapers. But when exactly does it get dark in Dubai during the winter months? Find out below when the sun sets in Dubai.

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Sunset in Dubai

Sunset in Dubai

The sun sets relatively early in Dubai. This means that you can enjoy the illuminated skyscrapers and attractions such as Dubai Glow Garden for an extra long time. Check out the sunset time for each first of the month below.

First of the monthTime of sunset in Dubai
January5:39 pm
February6:02 pm
March6:19 pm
April6:34 pm
May6:48 pm
June7:03 pm
July7:12 pm
August7:03 pm
September6:37 pm
October6:04 pm
November5:37 pm
December5:27 pm