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Dubai Marina, The Beach at JBR & Bluewater Island

Surrounding the Dubai Yacht Harbour is the popular district of Dubai Marina. Dubai Marina, with The Beach at Jumeirah (JBR) and the skyscrapers surrounding the landscaped marina, has plenty of activities both during the day and in the evening.

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Things to do in Dubai Marina

  • Sky Dive Dubai – Skydive Dubai welcomes skydiving enthusiasts from across the UAE, and scores of tourists whose to-do list begins with an adrenaline-fueled tandem skydive. Not to forget the steady stream of licensed skydivers who also visit. Please book your tandem sky dive in advance here.
  • Dubai Marina Boat tours – See Dubai Marina from the water with one of the great boat tours. Please book your boat tour in advance here
  • Xline Dubai Marina – Unleash your inner superhero and sign up for your XLine Dubai Marina Zipline! Soar through the skies on the world’s longest urban zipline and enjoy a year’s supply of adrenaline on a once-in-a-lifetime thrill-ride across the iconic Dubai skyline. Suspended in a state-of-the-art harness, you’ll step off the edge of the Amwaj Towers and zoom from a height of 170 meters over the marina below. Please book your adventure in advance here
  • Marina Walk – The promenade of Dubai Marina is The Walk. Along this 8 kilometre long boulevard, you will find many shops and restaurants.
  • The Beach at JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) – JBR Beach is also known as Jumeirah Beach. It is the most popular beach in Dubai. Most of this beach is public and accessible to everyone. However, please note that it is forbidden to swim in the sea after sunset.
  • Flying Cup – Flying Cup is an innovative food and entertainment concept that combines a ride in the sky with your feet dangling freely in the air, while you enjoy your favorite snack and refreshment. The experience takes you into a journey 40 meters above sea level and lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Flying Cup is available to all visitors aged 4 and above (minimum height of 105cm). Please book your visit in advance here.
  • Water adventure Dubai – Enjoy a wide range of more than 20 water activities with a stunning view of JBR The Beach and Ain Dubai. Located at the public beach in JBR The Beach, the main center is just opposite Starbucks, just in front of Ain Dubai!
  • Ain Dubai – Discover awe-inspiring Dubai experiences from the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel, 250m in the sky! Dubai’s newest entertainment hub offers much more than astonishing 360-degree views, discover unique experiences every time you visit! Please book your tickets in advance here.
  • Madam Tussaud Dubai – Expect to see movie stars from different eras and from global cinema, including Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Chan, as well as beauty moguls like Kylie Jenner, sporting legend Cristiano Ronaldo, and countless others. Please book your tickets in advance here.

Hotels in Dubai Marina

There are many hotels and apartments in Dubai Marina where you can stay during your holiday. We have collected our favourites for you below.

Beaches and pools in Dubai Marina

Highest infinity pool of the world @ Address Beach Resort

The beach at Dubai Marina is the popular Beach at JBR. Most of this beach is public and can be visited by anyone. Because of the hundreds of skyscrapers, there are also many great swimming pools. Below is our overview of the best beaches, beach clubs and swimming pools in the Dubai Marina area.

Shopping in Dubai Marina

How to travel to and in Dubai Marina

  • Dubai Harbour
  • Metro, Tram connections to other districts / attractions